Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make voting mandatory

I am ashamed when I read people of my generation who say they won't bother voting. I worry when I read that only 55-60% of people vote in Kenya and less in developed countries. Part of it is a lack of history. Most of the people who died or were detained without trial in the 80s and early 90s in Kenya did so while agitating for the right to be able to vote for people they wanted to lead this nation. That is the emotional part.
If you work, run own business, invest or own property, you pay tax. That is unless you are not on the tax avoidance thang.
If you pay for your groceries, you check they are green enough. If you pay for your car, you check steering, brakes, accelerator, cromes et al. And you pay more in your ta,x (30% every month of your income) than for all these other things part from may be your home. Its not just intelligent, but right that you care about how what you've earned with your sweat is spent. Your vote may even change how and when you are taxed. Vote because whoever you choose will decide how your money is spent.
After 2007, some may say your vote was stolen. It wasn't because everybody in Kenya is in GoK and we have all now learnt a few things. Like? Most politicians in Kenya are the same and it'll require us to reassess whether its presidents/tribes/personalities we vote for. Or ISSUES. The katiba debate is encouraging in that respect. Your vote is your way of saying you are engaged in what is happening in your country.
For those of us who are prayerful. Paul spoke about how prayer alone may not be enough without action which represents our faith in something happening. If you have faith that God will give us good leaders, put it into practice by voting for those good leaders!

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Maishinski said...

We should all vote...

Even the idea of voter registration is outdated and redundant. Total waste of money due to ignorance and inefficient gov systems. Ideally an ID should be an "all in one" National ID, voters card, Driving License, NHIF, NSSF, ATM card, Credit cards, etc..etc.

eGov Technology and data integration is the way forward...