Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Agriculture food exchange

As this FT article shows, agriculture exchange would resolve two problems that have hampered farmers from growing their farming as a business:

1. Pricing: many farmers especially those dealing in perishable horticulture produce typically rely on rumours on what prices are. An exchange close to home will be able to relay the information much more cheaply

2. Transport: never mind the roads, due to (a) lack of enough cars (b) fuel costs; farmers typically have to shoulder the costs wrought by these two factors thus minimising their returns.


Samora said...

Its amazing what finance can do. Maybe the same can be done in Kenya. Maina it's good that this progresses as it is and the issue of investments in agriculture will get more airtime and media space than other industries.

Bengalla Agribusiness said...

By sourcing more environmentally friendly meat and seafood, companies can address consumer concerns and invest in the long-term viability..

Agribusiness Investment

Maishinski said...

Here we are... busy digging for oil. That is so 1985.

FOOD is where its at. The next black gold.

Unexploited and possibly cheaper to to exploit yet more environment friendly...

How much of the world's food comes from East Africa? What is the potential for commercial farming?

The future is Commercial Agriculture!

$$$$ Ching! Ching! $$$$